The Charter

The Charter defines the rules and regulations required to control the fun. It is integral to the safe and continued running of the Gentlemen’s Dinner Club. The policies are non-negotiable and will be enforced to the letter.
The Policies of the Charter:
  1. You do not talk about GDC
  2. You do not talk about GDC
  3. Men only, this is not a place for idol chit-chat common to women folk around the world
  4. No commoners or riff raff. Smart dress, a collar is essential, a cravat optional
  5. We’re not here to squander our fortunes, therefor the food bill must come to £30 per head or less. This does not include travel or drinks.
  6. Punctuality and good time keeping keep the world spinning. GDC must occur once every calendar month
  7. It’s time to get a PA. If you fail to arrange the GDC in your month, you will be ejected from the club
  8. Like all important things in life, GDC is a commitment. If you fail to attend two GDCs in a row, you will be ejected from the club
  9. The Host must offer 3 possible dates to the guests and majority rules
  10. The Host will pick the next Host during the dinner and before the final meal has been finished
  11. Everyone has to host for you host again
  12. The host will not follow a previous dinner with the same style of cuisine
  13. One in one out for members
  14. Poofter hey? No vegetarians
  15. Trays will always be placed longways (longways trays)
  16. The table may commence eating once 6 or more people have been served their food
  17. No chain restaurants (except Nandos)
  18. Grace will not be said. None of that mythical story telling here
  19. The Host will sit at the head of the table
  20. Thou shalt not pour thy dip on thy chips whilst other honourable gentleman are waiting to dip their sweet breads or other such related items

These are the rules.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry

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